Saturday, April 11, 2015



Dear Uterus,

Life and death are strange things that I have not gotten a handle on yet.  I’d like to believe that one finds out the meaning of everything concerning life in death. With this post-life perspective, death is the only way of knowing what actually happens before and after life, if you believe in that sort of thing.  We only actually know what happens in our individual worlds during life. I know--I’m being Captain Obvious here.
That said, you’re like…the innovator of life. You make the catalyst encounter possible that leads to human existence (and animals). You carry and grow small lives and bring them into this world to exist how they see fit. It’s pretty beautiful.
You’re also a little cancer box. You can kill if you’re left unsupervised. Because of this threat you impose, you have become expendable. You give them family and life, but they will discard you with a quickness. Heartless? Maybe.
I hope you’re not planning anything rash, Uterus.

The Brain
CEO, The Body
Manager of Emotions

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