Monday, August 11, 2014

Hipster Uterus

Smoking is bad, kids. Don't be like Hipster Uterus. She's a bad influence.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Data Flow:

Imagine a way to control women's reproduction via remote control contraception. Women and men alike would eventually be able to control a woman's uterus and what it does in reproduction. It could be a miracle on one hand, but something extremely worrisome on the other. A miracle because women could easily control and even remember to take their birth control daily without the hassle of weekday pills. However, would be extremely worrisome because, dude...anyone could abuse this technology and if it got out of hand, it would become just another way to control women. That would be a mess...

...oh wait. They're working on that now.


So, okay, at the end of the article, it is vaguely pointed out that " will be necessary to encrypt the chips to keep their (women's) wireless data flow private and secure." First of all, "data flow" is a perfect way of putting that because...*giggle*...uterine flow. But let's be serious about this (and whatever, maybe I'm being paranoid): our online/wireless data isn't ACTUALLY secure. Maybe I'm stepping ahead of myself and the subject as a whole when I say this, but I don't want my uterus literally wireless and online. What?

Also, just to put this out there if for some reason it did not come to mind with this subject: Why on earth are we still focusing on the woman as the "problem" when it comes to birth control? I know it's not because women and our bodies are easily controlled. Why is it that birth control on the man's side isn't being embraced or heavily discussed? Oh wait, I know why: culture. Around the world and throughout history it has always been culturally on the woman to coat check her fertility. The idea of a man using birth control is "less masculine"--it gives him an air of femininity, which of course is seen as negative by so many. Nobody wants to be female!!!

I think the idea of men taking charge of their own birth control is incredibly masculine and a sign of responsibility that is heavily desirable. People controlling my uterus remotely (even myself) is just super weird and something I think I do not want.

However, I'm going to stay tuned and not completely dismiss this idea. I mean, it's pretty cool that this is even happening as far as technology goes. It isn't like we're all being forced into a remote controlled contraception that will turn our uteri into zombies...yet.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello and Good Day Dear Uterus Followers!

So, a few interesting things to note:

A.) I have new postcards up at Charis Books and More sitting on the free counter. Because, you know...they're free!

B.) I'm doing a survey for transgendered individuals to understand their lives better, especially with a lot of transphobia coming to the surface these days. In order to avoid any sort of cultural appropriation, I've decided to do some "footwork," if you will. I've had a few participate already in the survey, but here is the survey if anyone would like to participate.

1. What does the word "transphobia" mean to you?

2. Have you ever experienced transphobia?

3. How have your friends and family reacted to your decision to come out as trans?

4. Have you ever had or still have a uterus?

5. What does having or not having a uterus mean to you?

 6. What are people's reactions to your identity?

7. What do you do to challenge people's reactions, if you do at all?

 8. How do you feel about the LGBT community?

9. Who are some trans people I should be paying attention to as far as activism and public figures go?

10. What should people know about in regards to the different forms of trans identity in the world?

You can email answers to

C.) Fuck Hobby Lobby. Read an extremely detailed description on why here. That is all.

Have great days! I look forward to updating y'all in the future.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Good Day All!

So, good things have been happening on the low here at Dear Uterus. After making a lot of decisions and headway, writing wise and art wise, Dear Uterus has been asked to do a reading on Sunday! Exciting! The tentative release date of the book is going to be in September (My Birthday Month!). I hope everyone is doing well! Peace, Anïsa