Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Temporary Avoidance of the Current Political War on My Reproductive System

Dear Uterus:
Everybody takes you so seriously. There are books, websites and blogs about you and how you’re some sort of beautiful, delicate, baby making, cancer bearing fibroid filled flower. Well, I’m here to tell you that I know you best and we both know that you are less than half of those things. I don’t know who writes these books, websites and blogs. Anyone who has ever been a woman should never ever assume these things about you. You are not delicate. You are kind of like the Hulk of all organs. When you get angry, it isn’t cute or dainty and you scare a lot of people while you’re at it. You also don’t just make babies. I mean that is what you’re designed for, yes. However, I think that everybody should acknowledge your pleasure-building vibrations and the scathing way that you make use of the hormones that are provided you.
I think that we should all stop kidding ourselves and accept that fact that you are not who people are trying to make you out to be. I think that you are rolling in the attention. It’s almost like you feel self-important or something, like a Bridezilla.
The Brain
CEO, The Body
Manager of Emotions