Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Morning!

So, one of the essays called "The Vicious Cycle" was published yesterday in Bluestockings Magazine (which is Brown University's first feminist-minded publication). I'm pretty psyched about all this! It is awesome to know that more people will be exposed to The Dear Uterus Project!

I am pretty grateful! To some, one online publication isn't a big deal. But for me and this project...this is a feat!

Please take a look at the article and also the other articles in the zine this week!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Guess Who Hasn't Posted In Forevs?

Clearly me. That doesn't mean I haven't been working! Dear Uterus has about ten essays right now and I am working on a few more. One being about pregnancy. Because, yikes, that's a big topic when talking about uteri. That's the main reason they're there. Debatably. So...who hasn't ever been pregnant ever? That's right, again: yours truly! So what can one do about such a dilemma? How does one write about something one has no experience with?

You ask questions, that's how.

I posed some interesting but basic questions about pregnancy and hit up all my girlfriends who have babies or who have been pregnant. I got some awesome answers, by the way, which I will be posting anonymously (unless some ladies don't care if I use names...hit me up if you don't care!)

Also, I've been doing art. 'Cause you know, this project features letters (which you've seen) and essays (which you've also seen) and art (which I've only posted minimally). I'll be posting a few of those randomly as well.

Things I have to remind myself:

1.) Art and writing is hard-don't let anyone tell you different. Don't listen to people who say their art and writing are fluid life forces (what does that even mean, dog??). They're show boaters who will make you feel bad.
2.) Share it, that's progressive!
3.) Politics, positive and negative, are your friends and give you lots of fuel. We all have frienemies so use them to your advantage.
4.) No amount of coffee and wine will aid in your writing quest.
5.) Reading helps, especially funny, informative and dynamic lit!

*Deeeep breath*

Okay, let's do this!!! I'm coming after you, brain!