Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello and Good Day Dear Uterus Followers!

So, a few interesting things to note:

A.) I have new postcards up at Charis Books and More sitting on the free counter. Because, you know...they're free!

B.) I'm doing a survey for transgendered individuals to understand their lives better, especially with a lot of transphobia coming to the surface these days. In order to avoid any sort of cultural appropriation, I've decided to do some "footwork," if you will. I've had a few participate already in the survey, but here is the survey if anyone would like to participate.

1. What does the word "transphobia" mean to you?

2. Have you ever experienced transphobia?

3. How have your friends and family reacted to your decision to come out as trans?

4. Have you ever had or still have a uterus?

5. What does having or not having a uterus mean to you?

 6. What are people's reactions to your identity?

7. What do you do to challenge people's reactions, if you do at all?

 8. How do you feel about the LGBT community?

9. Who are some trans people I should be paying attention to as far as activism and public figures go?

10. What should people know about in regards to the different forms of trans identity in the world?

You can email answers to

C.) Fuck Hobby Lobby. Read an extremely detailed description on why here. That is all.

Have great days! I look forward to updating y'all in the future.


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