Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Looking for Inspiration

See what had happened was...

I've been doing research. Like legit, for real "uterine research." I set out looking in used book stores, going out of business sales, book trash bins, my bookshelf, closets, The Internets, other people's brains, etc. I read women's self-help books, medical lit, hysterically outdated women's psycho-analyses (which really only makes me wonder if society thinks we are all bat shit crazy. I mean, I don't think that hysteria is a legit way to describe ladies' emotions and behavior now days...). I got into some lesbian non-fiction by Terry Castle, a funny, dry lady-professor. I can't say I got anything from that yet, except for some real laughs, and the knowledge that I can, indeed, simply go off subject because I feel like it, as long as I come back to the original point at hand. I really, seriously needed something to get me started.

Then I went to a writing group.

What have I learned? I need more detail in my existing works. I need to flesh it out, include my "uterine research"-I just like that term-and really get into the grit of what I am trying to say, and go off on tangents, take a few left turns, stuff like that. That was a really good workshop experience that I needed to kick me in the pants! I mean, I have about seven essays to write about and explore more of. That's enough for now, I think.

Oh and also, check this out! A friend sent me this article from Jezebel Magazine:

The Most Horrifying Period Stories You've Ever Heard

As the initial journalist expressed, puberty shouldn't be so horrifying and girls shouldn't feel ashamed of themselves because of it. I think that's partly why I'm doing what I'm doing. I'm not ashamed of what my uterus does to me anymore.

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